Sigma Theta Phi | EST 2004

Howard Payne University

Is your Son interested in Sigma Theta Phi?

A Great Decision

Though you may have been exposed to negative stereotypes of Fraternities, joining a Greek organization is one of the best decisions your Son can make during his college years. Our founders laid the basic principles and values of an organization that has rapidly become the largest at Howard Payne University.

As a Sigma Theta Phi member, your Son will learn how to lead and compromise within a group while serving on committees and to hone those skills. he will build character through Sigma Theta Phi's numerous service initiatives and dedication to our communities. The Greek Life atmosphere will promote diversity in your Son's life and encourage them to join other groups on campus to better ΣΘΦ. he will also network with our alumni all across the world.

The phrase "helicopter parent" is overdramatic, but parents are clearly more involved in the decisions their hes make today than in the past. Our goal is to help you understand Sigma Theta Phi and all of its benefits, while letting you know about our risk management policies and the expectations we hold for every member of the Fraternity. If you have questions about your Son joining Sigma Theta Phi, contact the Pledge Captain.

Parent's FAQ

Will my Son's experience be like that of movies like Animal House and Beta House?

Unfortunately movies like these have given Fraternity members a bad rap as irresponsible, reckless and foolish. In reality, men of Fraternities like Sigma Theta Phi are part of values based organizations who commit themselves to their growth as individuals through academic achievement, leadership experiences, diversified networks and community involvement. Sigma Theta Phi believes there is no better compliment to a college education than a close brotherhood.

I don't want my Son's grades to hurt; will the time he invests in the Fraternity hinder his achievement?

Sigma Theta Phi places great value on the academic success of our members, in fact it is one of our top priorities, after all academics is the reason our members are in college in the first place. Time management can be an issue for many students, especially when making the transition into college. Sigma Theta Phi encourages and monitors the academic attainment of its members. Nothing compares to the value of having an experienced upperclassmen, with a working knowledge of managing his time and the resources offered by the school like the library, computer labs and career centers, there to support and guide your Son's scholastic success. While our groups offer many resources and means for higher achievement, it is ultimately up to your Son to take advantage of them.

Furthermore, the time invested into the Fraternity is up to the individual. No member is ever asked to place the Fraternity above his own personal priorities like work, school or relationships. However, the time your Son puts into the Fraternity will ultimately reflect what he gets out of the experience. For example, he may learn more about the practice of accounting by becoming Sigma Theta Phi's treasurer than he would in the classroom alone. Recent studies have shown students who get involved are more likely to graduate and report higher enjoyment with their college experience. By participating in the life of Sigma Theta Phi, your Son will learn to balance his time - a priceless skill after college.

What about hazing and what's this Ritual all about?

Sigma Theta Phi opposes hazing in any form. Sigma Theta Phi supports a Pledge period that introduces the potential members to the Fraternity, teaches them basic study and leadership skills necessary to collegiate success, educates the members in the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, and provides safe activities for new and older members to bond with each other.

The word "ritual" is often associated with sacrificial scenes from movies, when in fact it is nothing more than a confirmation of our beliefs in the presence of our members. The Ritual of Sigma Theta Phi is a members only event where the values and ideals of our Fraternity are explained and new members commit themselves to these values and ideals for life.

Will it cost a lot of money?

Sigma Theta Phi's dues are in line with most other Fraternities across Howard Payne University. When your Son becomes a new member he will have to take part in semesterly dues which gives him a badge of membership, access to our members only networking site and a certificate of membership.

Who's in charge of the group?

Sigma Theta Phi is governed by undergraduate members at Howard Payne University. A select group of members are nominated for executive positions to help guide the direction of the Fraternity. This is another great opportunity for members to take their first step into the management world. Executive members get first hand experience managing a large group and are better prepared for a job in the "real" world.

How does my Son go about joining a Fraternity and which is the best for him?

Many campuses organize a recruitment process for students to learn about the Fraternities on their campus. Sigma Theta Phi is always open to meeting new members and are happy to speak with anyone interested in Greek Life. Remember that just like a search for college, your Son must find a Fraternity that suites his personality and needs. Every group has different strengths and weaknesses, do not be afraid to ask questions about groups to find the right one.